About cycling web portal Pedala.hr

Pedala.hr project started in 2000 as a project of the Mountain bike club Pedala, Zagreb to develop the web site for cyclist with the places and routes suitable for the enjoyment of cycling. Over time, the web has slowly increased until today, but still retaining its essential purpose which is to provide information and inspiration where to go cycling, enjoying natural and cultural-historic sights and getting to know new places and people. Special attention was paid to the contents of each route with description, tourist and service information to help cycling tourist while cycling.

We are currently developing English version of this web site.

About Civic Association Rural tandem

Civic Association Rural tandem was established to promote, develop and improve tourism and special forms of tourism (niche tourism) in rural, surrounding areas of the city of Zagreb, Croatian tourist regions and neighboring countries in the region.

Association’s activities

  • Unification and networking planning to benefit recreational and (soft) adventure tourism in rural areas of the city of Zagreb and other tourist regions in Croatia.
  • Informing the public about Association’s work , for the complete realization of transparency and quality improvement to promote special forms of tourism in rural areas
  • developing international cooperation programmes, with involvement in the work of public institutions , governmental offices and offices of the European Union (EU), European Commission (EC), a network of associations and organizations to develop responsible and sustainable tourism
  • Publication of books and journals, and electronic publishing in the field of its activities
  • Strengthening cooperation with related organizations in and outside Croatia.
  • Organization of training and consultation on issues of development and improvement of tourist facilities and special forms of tourism in rural areas (cycling, countryside, wine, mountains, culture, adventure, and others).

Members of the Association

Multidisciplinary and professional team members of the Civic Association Rural tandem cover all areas needed to achieve the main goal of the association – to promote, develop and improve tourism and special forms of tourism (niche tourism) in rural areas.

Team members’ knowledge covers all required technical skills and scientific knowledge for a successful implementation of projects in development and promotion of tourism. A decade of experience gained through finished projects makes a good foundation for future success and competent work and cooperation of members of Association.

Basic information about the association

Civic Association Rural tandem (Non-for-profit association)
Jordanovac 113, HR-10000 Zagreb

w: www.rute.hr
e: kontakt@rute.hr

Other projects of Association

Register of cycling routes and supporting facilities in Croatia

Register of cycling routes and supporting facilities is a central place which collects and processes information on bicycle (biking) routes and supporting facilities in Croatia.

The objectives of the Register are to:

  • gather and publish content and information regarding the official bicycle routes and tourist offer, for domestic and foreign tourists, and services necessary and/ or interesting to cyclists along the routes;
  • to define new cycling routes on existing cycle routes, in a meaningful network according to established standards and practices developed in neighboring EU countries;
  • to create a foundation / pre-conditions for starting the development and construction of the national cycling network (NCN) for Croatia;
  • to encourage public and private entities, especially the tourist community and regional development agencies, to develop cycling routes and develop cyclotourism;
  • to create a foundation and source of data for developing and systematic and continual maintaining of national cycling register of Croatia with a future support of particular cyclingtourism guides and booklets for Croatia.

Development and construction of bicycle network Zagreb County Tourist

Project “Bicycle Routes of Zagreb County” is the largest project we have worked on and completed up today. The project started in August 2002 and finished in 2008. Aim of the project was to develop and build a network of bicycle routes designed for all categories of cyclists with special emphasis on recreation for the citizens and diplomacy living in Zagreb, also incoming tourist to Croatian capital city. Bicycle routes were meant and tracked to lead through the most attractive parts of  Zagreb County’s landscapes and local roads, interconnecting tourism and cultural-historic and natural sights along the routes. Our team did the entire work (concept design, fieldwork, research, articles/ texts writing, GPS tracking, maps together  with a professional Institute for Cartography, photos and web presentation) in cooperation with the Zagreb County Tourist Board and 13 local tourist boards of Zagreb Region, also with individual cyclists and cyclings clubs in the local communities.
The result of the project is 38 cycling routes with a total of 1359 km of GPS tracked routes published in 12 extensively equipped and specially designed cyclists’ maps. All bicycle routes were published on the web Pedala.hr. Good results of the project are visible every day with growing interest of the cycling community and series of concrete comments, reporting and inquiries.
Work and realization of this project enabled us acquiring plenty of more than useful knowledge and experience we shared and applied in the future to other bicycle projects.

The concept of marking/ signposting of bicycle routes in the Zagreb County

The proposed concept of marking/ signposting of bicycle routes in the Zagreb County, as a second part and continuation of the project of bicycle routes were based on the Danish model of signposting of cycling routes widely applied in a number of European countries, supported by the European Cyclinsts’ Federation (ECF). The concept of signing has been included in the study made by the Zagreb Institute of Tourism named „A system of signing and interpretation of the tourist attractions of Zagreb County”, ordered by the Zagreb County Tourist Association in 2003.

Development and construction of bicycle network of the Benkovac City and its surrounding area

Project “Cycling Routes of Benkovac and its surroundings” is a project realized in 2010. The aim of the project, realized in collaboration with the Tourist Board and the City of Benkovac in Northern Dalmatian hinterland, was to design and build a network of cycling routes designed for all categories of cyclists in Dalmatian hinterland and the area of Benkovac with its rich and diverse cultural, historical and natural heritage. The project resulted in a 5 cycling routes with over 170 km of GPS tracked routes, which will soon be published in a series of special promotional material by the Tourist Association of the City of Benkovac.

A partnership and some of the projects we have succesfully finished

  • Partnership with Biker Magazine (cycling magazine in Croatia)
  • Development and construction of bicycle network with the Tourist Board Cavtat Konavle
  • Development and construction of bicycle network with the Tourist Board Starigrad-Paklenica
  • The concept of mountain bike paths in the Nature Park Medvednica, Zagreb